Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Use Digital Pressure Gauge for Precise Measuring

TEK Instrument Company has a wide selection of models and products in the category of digital pressure gauges. Our pressure gauges support the latest technology in this industrial sector. These instruments offer superior performance as compared to mechanical gauges, and provide unwavering accuracy and high resolution. A digital pressure gauge is used in a variety of industrial applications that include pharmaceuticals, food processing, refineries, HVAC and semiconductor.

Amongst our other well known brands, TEK Instrument Company product inventory also includes Aschcroft and Sensocon.

Our price: $49.00
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In order to serve our customers with the best quality of products we perpetually search the market that introduces improved technologies, features, durability and high performing digital pressure gauges. With our high level of customer service and knowledgeable staff we have created a niche in the industry of digital multi meters, infrared thermometers, and pressure gauges.

 At TEK Instrument Company, we have an efficient team of professionals who are ready to offer immediate assistance to the customers that come with a variety of problems. We make sure our every customer is provided with the right choice for digital pressure gauge, as we help them to find the right equipment for their specific application requirement.

Digital Pressure Gauge
Cecomp Digi Max® Digital Pressure Gauge Model F16B Our price: $329.00

If you place an order for a digital pressure gauge for over $300 with us, we provide Free Ground Shipping. All our shipping dates are set at the time of quotation of order. Feel free to contact us in the following ways:

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Digital Anemometer for Checking Air Flow

Digital Anemometer
If you have ever planned an event, you would know how crucial it is to track weather-related factors such as wind speed. To give you cutting-edge results for your wind-speed measurements, we at TEK Instrument Company have designed state-of-the-art digital anemometer range. Those who have used it opined that measuring air velocity and wind speed has never been more accurate!
Keeping in mind multiple needs across different sectors, we have created a platter of offerings of thermo anemometers including hot wire anemometers and vane thermo anemometers that have been handpicked only after they have passed our stringent product testing criteria. So is the case with our other products, such as a digital pressure gauge.
Following are some of the most popular picks:
* Digital Anemometer Model 8903: Compact thermo-anemometer with built-in rotary vane sensor for one hand operation. Simultaneously shows temperature and velocity.
* Digital Anemometer Model 8906: Thermo-anemometer with integral rotary vane sensor and direct flow reading ability.
* Model LM-8000: 4 in 1 multi-function meter—anemometer, humidity meter, light meter and type-K digital thermometer.
For many such competitively-priced products, visit our website  We are confident that our precisely engineered products will not only meet your expectations, but surpass them. We have a full digital anemometer range that is suitable for different applications. We also stock quality digital pressure gauges and air flow hood. Our team would love to have a chance to serve you.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Digital Pressure Gauge and Its Many Functional Areas

The digital pressure gauge is an instrument, which is used as testing equipment in almost all industry sectors. Today, you would find their use in important sectors like refineries, food processing, pharmaceutical, HVAC and semiconductor among many others. Aschcroft and Sensocon are among the well-known brands, which are widely popular in these application areas.

The Tek-inst pressure gauges are used in these areas to detect whether a pressure driven equipment needs some more pressure for proper functioning or has excess pressure, both of which are harmful for it. Thus, they go a long way in enhancing the life cycle of particular machinery that uses pressure as the driving force. Just as the name imply, the digital pressure gauge offer readings in digitalized format.

Popular Digital Pressure Gauge Models at Tek-inst:

The most popular and high on demand digital pressure gauge models at Tek-inst are:

The Ashcroft General Purpose Digital Pressure Gauge Type D1005P with 0.5% accuracy and range up to 20,000 PSI. It is priced from $257.00.

The Ashcroft Precision Digital Pressure Test Gauge Type 2089, 2086, 2084 with accuracy of 0.05%, 0.1%, and 0.25% whose ranges are available from vacuum to 7000 PSI. They are priced from $999.00

Grab any of these and become one of our smart users of digital testing equipment.For more information on infrared thermometers and digital multimeters go to

Infrared Thermometers and Their Many Varieties

Model ST-880 IR thermometers with Built-in laser pointer
Infrared thermometers as the name suggest are those temperature-gauging instruments that use infrared rays. They give you the exact reading of any object whose temperature is to be measured in digital form. The infrared thermometer are very popular these days for their ability to measure temperature in a no-contact manner, i.e. you can measure the temperature of an object even without touching it.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of  infrared thermometer available in the market catering to the demand in different areas of applications. They differ in functions, shapes and sizes. While some of the advanced versions are great for gauging temperature of human bodies, others are great for moving objects. The pistol shaped thermometer is very popular in taking the temperature of ‘those hard to reach places’. Then there are different varieties that are used in large manufacturing units. Some even have videos attached to them translate heat signals into easy to view color-coded pictures.

A peek at the Tek-inst inventory:
We, at Tek-inst have some of the most amazing infrared models that are suitable for different industry sectors. They are:

•    ST-880 with Built-in laser pointer
•    ST-8819 with Backlighting
•    ST-882 with Overrange indicator, Auto data hold
•    ST-8828 with Emissivity Fixed at 0.95
•    ST-883 that includes battery and carrying case
•    ST-8838 with High and low alarm setpoints
•    ST-8839 with Large LCD with backlight and display hold