Monday, December 20, 2010

Infrared Thermometers and Their Many Varieties

Model ST-880 IR thermometers with Built-in laser pointer
Infrared thermometers as the name suggest are those temperature-gauging instruments that use infrared rays. They give you the exact reading of any object whose temperature is to be measured in digital form. The infrared thermometer are very popular these days for their ability to measure temperature in a no-contact manner, i.e. you can measure the temperature of an object even without touching it.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of  infrared thermometer available in the market catering to the demand in different areas of applications. They differ in functions, shapes and sizes. While some of the advanced versions are great for gauging temperature of human bodies, others are great for moving objects. The pistol shaped thermometer is very popular in taking the temperature of ‘those hard to reach places’. Then there are different varieties that are used in large manufacturing units. Some even have videos attached to them translate heat signals into easy to view color-coded pictures.

A peek at the Tek-inst inventory:
We, at Tek-inst have some of the most amazing infrared models that are suitable for different industry sectors. They are:

•    ST-880 with Built-in laser pointer
•    ST-8819 with Backlighting
•    ST-882 with Overrange indicator, Auto data hold
•    ST-8828 with Emissivity Fixed at 0.95
•    ST-883 that includes battery and carrying case
•    ST-8838 with High and low alarm setpoints
•    ST-8839 with Large LCD with backlight and display hold

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Infrared Thermometers and Their Use in Monitoring Equipments

Infrared thermometers are the best non- contact temperature gauging instruments. They are used in many industry sectors that include HVAC, food preparation, industrial process and maintenance, automotive industry, maintenance of electrical appliances, cold storage facilities; health care industry and private homes as well.

However, infrared thermometer find the best application in monitoring different kinds of food preparation equipments. These temperature gauging tools can immediately let you know if there is anything wrong by detecting temperature other than the normal range.

You can use infrared thermometer in detecting hot spots or leaks by taking sample spot readings of freezers, walk-in coolers, and refrigeration lines. You can also use them to check the temperature and performance of ovens, dishwashers, rotisseries, and deep fryers even when they are operating, as these IR thermometers are non-contact measuring tools.

Get Reliable Infrared Thermometers from Tek-Inst:

Tek-Inst is the best place to get all types of infrared thermometer that are equipped with the most advanced features to allow you to monitor all kinds of kitchen equipments. Here you would find a wide array of IR Thermometers from low cost fixed emissivity versions to products with adjustable emissivity and optical resolution of 50:1. We stock infrared thermometers from some of the best brands in the industry such as Sensocon, Reed Instruments, Kyoritsu and Ashcroft among many others.

Infrared Thermometers and Buying Guidelines to Get the Best

Buying Infrared thermometer is really a daunting task with so many mind boggling options available today in the market. Well, the trick is to find out the latest model in this range and also how they can suit your individual requirement. Never go for ones that have great features and are however not useful for your purpose. This is to say that do not make heavy expenses on high ended non-contact thermometers, when a very basic one serves your purpose.
Model ST-8839 IR Thermometers with Large LCD with backlight and display hold
Here is a list of guidelines which you can use to get the some great infrared thermometers.
• The options for temperature range
• The distance to spot size
• The level of emissivity
• Levels of accuracy
• Option for laser sighting
• Whether to buy infrared thermometers from a retail store or online
• Additional features like low battery indicator
• Presence of min/max temperature records
• Manual set time feature
• Minimum/maximum memory
• Check if the IR thermometer has °F and °C indoor, outdoor and remote variations.

Use this checklist as when you go for buying Infrared thermometer and you can never go wrong! We at Tek-Inst stock infrared thermometer varieties from some of the best brands.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Infrared Thermometers and Where You Can Use IR Thermometers

Infrared thermometer have recently emerged as the best temperature gauging instrument even in otherwise hard to reach and hazardous situations. This is possible due to its ability to measure temperature in a no-contact manner. Yes, this is very much unlike traditional temperature gauging devices. Here are a few places where you can use this amazing device.

Model ST-883 IR Thermometers Includes battery and carrying case Electrical Maintenance: Infrared thermometer can help in maintaining your electrical equipment by checking the excess heat created by loose connectors. This can help you in solving the problem with battery banks and power panel terminations etc. you can also identify hotspots in ballasts, switch gears, and fuse connections, by using this non-contact temperature measuring instrument.

Equipment Maintenance: These devices work best in checking temperature in moving parts like motors and gear work, in ovens and boilers to freezers etc. Checking this type of equipment with infrared thermometer help in controlling excess heat which may result in malfunction or total damage. This prevents expensive repairs and heavy loss of money.

Ensuring food safety and quality:
Monitoring temperatures is crucial to ensure food quality and safety. These easy-to-use tools read surface temperatures without contact, which avoids cross-contamination or damage to food products. As reliable and time saving tools, infrared thermometers can take a temperature measurement in less than half a second.

Apart from these, there arte many other uses of infrared thermometers, use them to make your daily life easy and simple.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Infrared Thermometers and Factors That Affect IR Thermometers Reading Accuracy

Infrared thermometers are popular non-contact temperature gauging instruments that are very much in vogue these days. And there are many factors that affect their reading accuracy. Model ST-882 IR Thermometers with Overrange indicator, Auto data hold

•    Field-of-view: The distance between the target and the measuring device is very important for getting accurate readings with infrared thermometer. This is called the field of view. So you have to see to it that the target is larger than the spot size the unit is measuring. Hence if the target is small, you should get as close as possible for accuracy in measurement.

•    Distance from spot ratio: Infrared thermometer operate in a particular style by collecting infrared energy from a circular measurement spot and then focusing it on the detector. It is to be mentioned here that optical resolution is measured as the ratio of the distance from instrument to the object compared to the size of the spot being measured (D: S ratio). Hence, larger the ratio number the better the instrument's resolution and far better would be the accuracy.

•    Focus feature: This is comparatively a new feature that has been developed to help in getting accuracy in reading. As per this additional feature you can get accurate measurement of small target areas without including unwanted background temperatures.

Remember all these factors while using infrared thermometer and rest assured you can never fail to obtain the most apt measurements.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Use Tek Inst Model St-883 Infrared Thermometers for Great Results

Model ST-883 IR ThermometersInfrared Thermometers is a temperature gauging instrument which has undergone many changes since its invention. And indeed for the better! Nowadays, there are varieties that have come out newer features and technologies for the benefit of the users.

Keeping in tab with the growing demand for infrared thermometer with latest technologies, Tek-Inst has come up varieties from some of the best known brands globally. Recently, we had added another model to our rich inventory of temperature gauging products.

The Tek Inst Model ST-883 infrared thermometer series an amazing measuring range of -58 to 1292 °F (-50 to 700 °C) with 1° resolution and 2% of reading accuracy.   It is also equipped with 0.95 fixed emissive qualities, 8:1 optical resolution and less than 1 second response time.

Lightweight and reasonably priced, these infrared thermometers model comes with several selectable units, built in laser pointer and backlit LCD for taking measurements even in low-lit areas.  This unit also includes an over range indicator, auto data hold, and auto shut off.   You can order it online and get it delivered at your specified time and place.

Why go for Tek-Inst infrared thermometer?
Loaded with immense experience and sincere commitment to satisfy customer needs belonging to all sectors, Tek Inst has successfully managed to be one of the best online distributors of Instrumentation, Controls, and Gauges in the international platform.

It has been our constant endeavor to stock Infrared Thermometer that are innovative and are designed as per the latest technologies.  And the burgeoning growth of our loyal lists of clientele speaks volumes about it.

Tek Inst Infrared Thermometers and Their Applications Areas

Infrared thermometers are the most ‘in thing’ these days as non contact temperature gauging instruments. Unlike traditional thermometers, they are user friendly, compact, portable and are ideal for ‘those hard to reach places’.

Model ST-8828 IR ThermometersIn keeping with their demand in different industrial sectors, Tek Inst has a huge stockpile of infrared thermometer from some of the best brands in the industry. They come in different types as per their functions, shapes and sizes as per their areas of application. For instance, there is a pistol shaped variety that can reach inaccessible places to gauge temperature accurately. Nowadays, there is another variety that is attached to a video camera that has the capability to translate heat signatures into easy to view color coded pictures. They also come in wide temperature range and laser sighting for the benefit of the user.

Our Valued Clientele of Infrared Thermometers:
Among the lists of prominent clients who have benefited from the use of our no contact infrared thermometers are the meteorological department for forecasting weather, the automotive sector for gauging engine temperature, and health care industry, food preparation, industrial process, and maintenance among many others. Infrared thermometer are also preferred in private homes by mothers these days as they allow temperature gauging in children which is really wearisome with the traditional thermometer.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Improve Your Efficiency With Infrared Thermometers

It happens quite often in different industries, measuring an object gets difficult due to its nature, temperature or even its physical properties. TEK Instrument offers the right equipment, Infrared Thermometers to handle such situations with ease.

The company offers exceptional Infrared Thermometer that have an immense range of measuring the temperature from a farer distance. The capabilities and performance can be judged with their perfect functioning and flawless accuracy. The equipment offered by TEK Instrument are extensively checked and tested before sending them for delivery.

The company is renowned for superior quality, highly productive equipment and cost effective pricing. There are quite a few pointers that set TEK Instrument apart from other companies:

The Tek Instrument company’s pros:
  • Continuous study and growth on past, current and upcoming updates of infrared thermometer.
  • Cost efficient solutions for all types of business
  • Flexible and extensive approach in handling different genres equipment
  • Holistic and expert guidance from professionals.
  • Best practices for Infrared Thermometers and other equipment
Infrared Thermometers have the ability to judge the infrared radiations emitted by the object and measure their temperature. The conventional sensors and tools cannot be used at certain situations and the advanced infrared ones are employed to get the work done.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Excellent Infrared Thermometers from TEK Instrument

TEK Instrument is one of the ace measuring equipment providers offering world class Infrared Thermometer to its customers worldwide. Right from its inception, the company has offered its customers first rated devices and has made a remarkable presence in the industry. Infrared Thermometer measure the temperature of any object by checking the infrared radiations that gets emitted. The accuracy and efficiency of these equipment are very high.

TEK instrument not only offers Infrared thermometer, it is also in the business of testing instruments and pressure gauges. The company has umpteen benefits that comprise of:
  • High tech, technically advanced infrastructure
  • Superior quality and maximum productivity
  • Extremely skilled professionals, technicians and employees
  • State-of-the-art business practices
  • Timely delivery and tested Infrared Thermometer and other equipments
Infrared Thermometers are available in different models and the company has all the expertise to offer customized solutions for their customers. With an equipped facility and expert professionals, TEK Instrument is capable of providing its clients the best of equipment and services.

Many times non-contact temperature measurement gets critical due to various unavoidable reasons. For that the company offers Infrared Thermometers with the highest range and accurate figures. The company makes sure that customers get the best from them.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Exclusive Range of Infrared Thermometers Just For You

Infrared thermometers are the most versatile and convenient temperature measuring instruments currently available. There are numerous options and performance levels available for many different applications. At TEK Instrument Company, we have a wide range of products available to meet your needs. Some of our more popular models include:
ST-880 IR Thermometers

Model ST-880 Infrared Thermometers

This thermometer model comes with a built-in laser pointer for exact identification of the target area for proper measurement. With this amazing model you can also select °F or °C, as per your individual requirements. One of the nice features included in all of the infrared thermometers available from TEK Instrument Company is that they all have backlighting of the LCD display for taking measurements at night or in areas with low background light levels. The ST-880 also has overrange indicator, Auto data hold (when trigger released) and Auto shut off. The accessories include battery and carrying case.
ST-8839 IR Thermometer

Model ST-8839 Infrared Thermometers

Like all of our infrared thermometer, this model too has a backlit LCD display for better view in dark areas. Additionally, it comes with a large LCD screen and display hold. It also has the ability to let you select both in °F or °C, as per your individual requirements. It is equipped with high and low alarm set points that make it very user friendly, even for new users. And what's more it also displays max, min, and diff. avg. temperature. Accessories include battery and carrying case. 

All of the Infrared thermometers, digital multimeters and digital pressure gauge offered by TEK Instrument Company represent excellent value based on the performance and features available.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Infrared Thermometers for Non-Contact Temperature Measurements

Infrared thermometers are great alternatives to traditional temperature gauging instruments. Unlike traditional thermometers, infrared thermomters are non contact devices that do not need to come in contact with the surface being measured.

Infrared Thermometer to Measure Human Temprature

Infrared thermometer can even be used to measure a persons temperature. Just point, shoot and read. No waiting or putting the thermometer under the tongue or the armpits. With this great instrument, you don't even have to wait for the stipulated time as with conventional temperature gauging instruments. It takes less than one second to register the temperature.

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers

In addition to non contact temperature measurement, infrared thermometer have other useful features. Most models have user selectable units for either °F or °C. They also have built-in laser pointers that identify the target area to be measured. Most units also have back lighting of the LCD display to illuminate the readings for measurement in the dark, at night or in areas with low background light levels.

Infrared thermometer are user friendly instruments that can be used by anybody for numerous applications. They are also compact and can be carried anywhere and everywhere in a tool box, bag, or some can fit in your pocket. For proper selection of the infrared thermometer that is right for your application you should consider the temperature range that needs to be measured and the distance between the infrared thermometer and the object or material being measured. Also give consideration to your needs for additional kits or supplies to accompany your infrared thermometer although many come standard with a case and battery.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Detecting Temperatures Made Easy with Infrared Thermometers

Infrared Thermometers to Detect Temperature

Model ST-880 Infrared Thermometers with Built-in laser pointer
Infrared Thermometers are today being increasingly used to detect temperatures in a variety of applications. This is due to its ease of use and the fact that Infrared Thermometers are non-contact devices that measure temperature without touching the object being measured. This is an excellent tool in special situations when the object whose temperature is to be taken is on the move.

Infrared Thermometer can be especially effective while gauging the temperature of a sick child when he/she has fever. As children rarely stand still, getting a quick accurate reading is obviously a better option compared to the other traditional methods like digital thermometers or mercury thermometers.

The process involves simply pointing the Infrared Thermometer at the forehead without even touching. The accurate temperature is then shown on the display of the Infrared Thermometer. You can get the temperature both in Celsius and Fahrenheit scales of measurement. And yes, Infrared Thermometers are available with alarms that emit audible warnings, if the temperature reaches a certain level. Another available option is a memory that can store up to 32 readings. This allows for convenient comparisons of previous readings.

Infrared Thermometers various usage

Infrared Thermometer are also used in areas like HVAC, food preparation, industrial process, maintenance, and numerous other applications where temperature needs to be measured. Having an Infrared Thermometer available for both home and office is a valuable tool that you won't regret having.
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Monday, April 5, 2010

First-rate Infrared Thermometers from TEK Instrument Company

TEK Instrument Company is known in the market for its superior quality Infrared Thermometers and their ability to serve the customers in the best possible manner

Infrared Thermometers are devices that indicate the temperature of any element without coming close to the object and show the most accurate results. TEK Instrument Company offers world class infrared thermometer to its customers across the globe. They show the most precise and exact measurements at any given time.

Infrared thermometers types

infrared thermometers types
Infrared thermometers can be hand-held, static, portable type and are also available in various shapes and sizes. Infrared Thermometers focuses on the infrared energy to evaluate temperature measurements. It can also judge the measurements from miles away. They are very useful for weather forecasting and research related activities. With its perfection and accuracy, Infrared Thermometer offered by TEK Instrument Company are the most sought-after thermometers.

Infrared thermometers at affordable rates

With our state-of-the-art techniques and machinery, we are able to offer such amazing products at affordable rates. We provide our customers turn-key solutions and let them benefit from our products in their respective fields. Our Infrared thermometer prove useful for different sectors of industry. We have our highly skilled professionals who provide the best of solutions. Our teams of customer care executives are available round the clock to provide assistance to all our customers all over the world. At TEK Instrument Company, we build a relation of trust and loyalty along with our customers and offer them the best infrared thermometers, Digital Pressure Gauge, handheld infrared thermometers and digital multimeters in the industry.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quality Infrared Thermometers by TEK Instrument Company

Infrared Thermometers
When it comes to Infrared Thermometers, TEK Instrument Company has the right product for your application. The company offers a wide range of Infrared Thermometer to go along with its other products including Digital Multimeters, Diffrential Pressure Gauges, Digital Pressure Gauge and many others. TEK Instrument Company has grown by offering world class products to its customers across the United States. The Infrared Thermometer is a non-contact temperature measuring device. It shows the accurate temperature readings, by detecting the radiation emitted by the surface of the object being measured. Infrared Thermometer are an important tool for measuring temperatures that are normally difficult to take with other types of thermometers.

Infrared Thermometer are also used to standardize many heating devices, from furnaces to ovens used for cooking. As they have the ability to detect temperature differences from a distance they are specifically handy for tasks that prevent direct temperature readings to be made. These thermometers are available in many shapes and sizes based on the customers requirements. TEK Instrument Company offers a diverse range of Infrared Thermometer to meet the requirements of its customers and their unique applications. TEK Instrument Company tests all of the Infrared Thermometers it sells to ensure they offer top quality both out of the box and for years to come. In addition to our guarantee of high quality and performance we have Infrared Thermometers ready for quick shipments. Whether you are looking for a low cost Infrared Thermometer or a full function version with all the extras, TEK Instrument Company has the product for you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Digital Multimeters, Infrared Thermometers and Digital Pressure Gauge Instrument Company

Tek Instrument Company is an online distributor of premium Instrumentation, Gauges and Controls.  Our product offering includes Infrared Thermometer, Digital Pressure Gauge, Digital Multimeters, Differential Pressure Gauges, Thermo Hygrometers, Digital Anemometers and many more to customers all over the world.  TEK Instrument is known to provide world class products and has earned a reputation of quality customer service.

Infrared Thermoemeters
TEK Instrument Company has an expert team of engineers and executives working around the clock to serve the customer with their specific applications. The team works extensively evaluating the products we sell to ensure are customers get only the highest quality best performing products.  Our dedication to customer service and quality product offering results in a very high customer retention rate.  TEK Instrument is experienced in meeting the challenges of our customers.  If we don’t have what you are looking for, we will work to find the product or refer you to a company that can meet your requirements.

Tek-inst know that if we can provide assistance in sourcing or referring the customer for hard to find items we will also get their patronage for standard products like Infrared Thermometer, Digital Pressure Gauge, Digital Multimeters, Differential Pressure Gauges, Thermo Hygrometers, Digital Anemometers and more.

Infrared Thermometer offered by TEK Instrument use infrared energy to detect temperatures. Since they are detecting actual energy levels, the physical thermometers does not need to actually touch the surface for an accurate temperature measurement. They don’t even send out any information or infrared rays themselves, they merely detect them from a distance. Non Contact Infrared Thermometers are used to calibrate many heating devices, from furnaces to ovens used for cooking or other industrial applications. Since they can detect temperature differences from a distance they are especially useful for tasks that prevent direct temperature readings to be made.

TEK Instrument offers different models of Infrared Thermometers and can help you select the one best suited for you.

TEK Instrument Company proudly offers Ashcroft Digital Pressure Gauge. Ashcroft is a well known quality manufacturer of Digital Pressure Gauges.  Within the Ashcroft family of Digital Pressure Gauges is a wide range of products with a complete offering of features, accuracies, and sizes to meet any application.  The dedicated professionals from TEK Instrument Company are ready to help you select the right Digital Pressure Gauge to fit your specific needs.

Digital MultimetersDigital Multimeters offered by TEK Instrument Company represent the most efficient and cost effective digital multimeters in the industry.  TEK Instrument Company has an extensive inventory and delivers digital multimeters on time.  Our diverse offering of Digital Multimeters includes quality low cost products to full function true RMS Multimeters packed with features.  The Advanced Digital Multimters offer exceptional performance, numerous features and are priced to reflect our commitment to value.  Like all of the products offered by TEK Instrument Company, the Digital Multimeters have been quality tested.  Whether you need a Digital Multimeter, Infrared Thermometers, Digital Pressure Gauge, or other type of instrument, TEK Instrument Company can meet your need.