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Use Digital Pressure Gauge for Precise Measuring

TEK Instrument Company has a wide selection of models and products in the category of digital pressure gauges. Our pressure gauges support the latest technology in this industrial sector. These instruments offer superior performance as compared to mechanical gauges, and provide unwavering accuracy and high resolution. A digital pressure gauge is used in a variety of industrial applications that include pharmaceuticals, food processing, refineries, HVAC and semiconductor.

Amongst our other well known brands, TEK Instrument Company product inventory also includes Aschcroft and Sensocon.

Our price: $49.00
Our Services and Offerings

In order to serve our customers with the best quality of products we perpetually search the market that introduces improved technologies, features, durability and high performing digital pressure gauges. With our high level of customer service and knowledgeable staff we have created a niche in the industry of digital multi meters, infrared thermometers, and pressure gauges.

 At TEK Instrument Company, we have an efficient team of professionals who are ready to offer immediate assistance to the customers that come with a variety of problems. We make sure our every customer is provided with the right choice for digital pressure gauge, as we help them to find the right equipment for their specific application requirement.

Digital Pressure Gauge
Cecomp Digi Max® Digital Pressure Gauge Model F16B Our price: $329.00

If you place an order for a digital pressure gauge for over $300 with us, we provide Free Ground Shipping. All our shipping dates are set at the time of quotation of order. Feel free to contact us in the following ways:

Call us on our toll free number: 1-866-694-6863

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Digital Multimeters – Why Are They Better Than Analog Multimeters

Model ST-9915 AC/DC Autoranging Digital Multimeters Digital multimeters are emerging today as popular options for measuring voltage, current and resistance. Indeed, they are fast replacing the analog varieties in almost all industry sectors. The best thing about the digital multimeter is that it offers readings in digitalized format that is far easier to decipher even by a nonprofessional.

Model ST-9917 AC DC Autoranging Digital Multimeters with Temperature Function Apart from that, accuracy is measurement is something you can expect from a digital variety. This is because here the readings come in numbers while in an analog variety you get the results in a dial format reading (the reading is indicated with a needle over a scale). Most of the digital multimeters today come with a LED or LCD display, which can display output in as a digital numerical feed even up to decimal points.

The other important benefit of using digital multimeter is that you can adjust it whenever you want to measure anything in ohm, ampere and volt whenever the need arises. Most of digital multimeters today have great features like capacitor, diode and IC testing modes. So, now that you know about the various advantages of digital multimeters you also why you should use them both for your personal as well as professional use.

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Using Digital Multimeters to Check Light Bulb Functionality At Home

Digital multimeters are great testing tools that can be used by just anyone with a very little guidance. They are just great to test the functionalities of any appliances right at home. Get to know how you can use digital multimeters to check whether a light bulb is in proper working condition.
Model ST-922 AC/DC Autoranging Digital Multimeters with Temperature Function

With these digital multimeters, you do not have to call an electrician to check why an electric bulb is not working in spite of being brand new. All you have to do is use the multimeters to your maximum advantage. However, before going ahead with your test, just remember to switch off the appliance from its power source, in this case the light bulb holder. This is to avoid unwarranted accidents due to direct contact with electric current.

Testing with Digital Multimeters Made Easy:

Now, setting your digital multimeter to resistance would help you to check the ‘continuity’ test function of your system. The next step is to touch the two test probes in the multimeter respectively to touch the bottom of the light bulb, and to the threaded side of the light bulb socket. If the reading shows zero resistance, then there is continuity, and the light bulb is good. On other hand, if it does not indicate continuity then it would mean that the lightbulb interior filament is obviously broken. Hence, there you go!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Get Digital Multimeters with Weatherproof Housing

Digital multimeters nowadays come in great varieties, as per the demands of these test equipments in the various industry sectors. While some come with extra large LCD screen for convenient readings, others come with a wide array of mind blowing accessories. We at Tek-inst keep a huge stock of latest digital multimeters with additional features for high performance and ultimate user friendliness.

Model ST-9919 True RMS AC DC Digital Multimeters
Digital Multimeter ST-9919 Features:
One of our recent additions is the ST-9919 Model with Weatherproof Housing.  Among the many different features of this precision digital multimeter are frequency, capacitance and temperature. They offer true RMS AC/DC voltage and current measures with a basic accuracy of 0.05%.  What makes this model really unique is its functionality and features that include the IP 67 dust and weatherproof housing. This indeed makes it a rugged tool for use almost everywhere and anywhere.

Additional Features of model ST-9919 of Digital Multimeters:
Other features of this model include data hold, min/max recording mode, peak capture mode, diode check, continuity test, backlit LCD readout with analog bar graph and 40,000 count resolution. 

Accessories for these Digital Multimeters:
The Series ST-9919 digital multimeters come with great accessories for greater user convenience. This includes a temperature input adapter, a Type K thermocouple probe, test leads, 9V battery and carrying case. Try digital multimeters from Tek-inst and you can get the best!

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Use Digital Multimeters for Precise Measurements

Model ST-9933 Full-Function Autoranging digital multimeters with True RMS AC Measurement
Digital multimeters are being used extensively for various measurement purposes. However, in order to get accurate and precise measurements, it is advisable that you should always get them from an authorized distributor. But, how would you know if the distributor, you are ordering digital multimeters from are genuine or not? Well, this is where Tek-inst with many years of experience emerges as your most reliable source!

The Tek-Inst Advantage for Digital Multimeters:

There are many benefits of ordering digital multimeters from Tek-Inst. We have been in business since the last many years delivering quality products.  Our Tek-inst digital multimeters are characterized by high input impedance and better accuracy and resolution. We do not just make tall claims to be best; we are indeed the best, with a rich inventory of products from all the known brands internationally such as Sensocon, Reed Instruments, Kyoritsu and Ashcroft.

Popular Models of Digital Multimeters at Tek-Inst:

Some of the popular models of digital multimeters that are high in demand amongst our customers are C-370, LM-8000, l ST-610B, LM-8000, ST-610B, ST-610B and ST-612 models. Tek-Inst digital multimeter models come with great features and functionality for ultimate user convenience. One of them is LCD screen that displays the measurement results in accurate readings. Also most of the digital multimeters with us have excellent backlit feature that is great to read meter readings in low-lit areas or in the darkness.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Ordering Digital Multimeters from Tek-Inst Online Made Easy Part II

Digital Multimeters by Tek Instrument
In the previous tutorial blog, we guided you on how to choose digital multimeters from Tek-inst online. Now that you have chosen your required model based on your requirement and your budget, you have to register online. This is not for those who are already registered with us.

Filling in order form for Digital Multimeters:
You will then have to fill in the required form and give us a few details like personal information (name, company, tax number etc.); billing address, shipping address and contact information. After filling the form you have to submit it for processing to order digital multimeters. But before that you should agree to the Tek-inst terms and conditions. This may range from terms of payment, shipping terms, to conditions related to taxes and duties and so on. After this you have to check you shopping cart to recheck the products you have chosen. We have a great navigation tool named ‘orders history’, that allows you check products you have ordered to date.

We call you back:
As soon as our sales department receives your filled-in form, you would be contacted by us either through email or through phone call. We would then confirm your order and accordingly after that you can pay us for your products, in this case it is digital multimeters.  

You receive your product:
Your products i.e. digital multimeters would then reach you at the destination of your choice at the approximated time, which would be fixed during the placing of quotation or order.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ordering Digital Multimeters from Tek-Inst Online Made Easy Part I

Tek-Inst Online Made Easy Tutorial IPlanning to buy digital multimeters? Well, try doing that online from Tek-inst and you would never want to go anywhere else! This is because Tek-inst has emerged as one of the most popular online distributor of Instrumentation, Controls, and Gauges over the years.

Choose your category of Digital Multimeters:
Apart from stocking quality and cost effective products like digital multimeters, Tek-inst has some of the coolest navigation tools that are user friendly and allow customers to order products just a breeze. All you have to do is search the product on the basis of categories like Pressure, Electrical test, Temperature, Humidity, Air Velocity, Light & Sound or accessories. You can even select the manufacturer of your choice from our exhaustive list like Sensocon, Reed Instruments, Kyoritsu and Ashcroft among many others. For digital multimeters you have to choose the ‘electrical test’ category.

Choose Digital Multimeters model:
Go through our huge inventory of digital multimeters. We have given detailed specifications about features etc. so that you can pick up the one that suits your needs. And the most important thing is that we have mentioned the prices individually in US dollars. So, even money is an issue you can order the one that fit into your budget.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Get Tek-Inst Digital Multimeters for Better Performance and Quality Service

Tek-Inst digital multimeters come with assured quality as they are handpicked to perform for a valued list of clientele. This includes various professionals that require going for electrical measurements like contractors and installers, maintenance technicians, test and inspection professionals, engineers, among many others.

And our burgeoning numbers of clients only prove the fact that we are the most reliable source when it comes to supply performance based digital multimeters. Our products are equipped with dynamic features that are innovative and include some of the best technologies that are available in the international arena. This includes features like LCD screens, back lighting to operate even in low light areas and at night. And to top it all we have some of the best brands. 

Avail Quality Service with Better Performance
Along with digital multimeters that offer better performance, you can also get quality service with us here at Tek-Inst. This is because our customer service team is our backbone. And we take minute care to meet the exact specifications of our customers. And if you are confused about which digital multimeters to choose, then our strong technical support team would guide you to zero in on the best. In fact, we make sure that you get the best value for your money spent.

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Multipurpose Digital Multimeters from TEK INST just for you

Multipurpose Digital Multimeters from TEK INST just for you
Digital Multimeters are today the most reliable and popular measuring instruments. This is because of their accuracy in giving multiple results in ohms, amps, and volts, which mean that they can perform the function of an ohmmeter, ammeter and voltammeter. However, their popularity has resulted in bogus varieties that make tall claims of being the best!

But, not so at Tek Inst! We at Tek Inst do not just claim to offer authentic products; we actually handpick them after vigorous testing. And this is exactly the reason why we have survived all sorts of competition to become one of the leading online distributors of Instrumentation, Controls, and Gauges. Our digital multimeters stockpile has been selected to provide quality results as a multipurpose measuring instrument.

DIY setting of our Digital Multimeters

In order to make the digital multimeters available with us at Tek-inst your multi-utility measuring tool; all you have to do is arrange the dials accordingly. Set the dials to your preferred option as per your requirements and there you go! And what makes TEk-Inst digital multimeters even more user friendly is that you can get results as accurate and as precise to the lowest decimal value. It is to be mentioned here that they can measure current less than 1A. So, use them for optimal benefit both at home and office!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Exceptional Digital Multimeters by TEK Instrument

TEK Instrument is one of the ace providers of Digital Multimeters. With a customer base that revolves around the world, the company has flourished by offering flawless equipment. There are various testing instruments available, but Digital Multimeters by TEK Instrument scores over all of them. With highest accuracy, efficiency and cost effective pricing, there is none model for everyone.

Digital Multimeters by Tek InstrumentDigital Multimeters extends its range to a huge variety and fulfills specification by customizing solutions for clients and customers. They can be mounted, hand-held, automatic and other models to suit your needs. The digital display is of superior quality and enhances the look and feel of all Digital Multimeters of TEK Instrument. The company offers equipment that are robust, steady, reliable and are capable of performing at harsh conditions.

The Digital Multimeters have wide voltage and current range that enables them to perform at any given situation. Every equipment is overload protected and is designed to perform at their best in crucial situations. The shape, size and other dimensions can be altered to match needs. The display is powered by battery and does not use the power of inner circuit in use. Go for TEK Instrument for all your test instrument needs and widen your pleasurable encounters with Digital Multimeters.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Digital Multimeters | It's Worth and Usage

digital multiemeters usage
With constant endeavor to offer unique, innovative and user friendly Digital Multimeters, TEK Instrument gives its customers the most splendid and satisfactory services. For all its products, the company is known in the industry to offer tried, tested and thoroughly checked Digital Multimeters before delivery. Every product is delivered right on time to maintain goodwill. Apart from this, the company offers consultation services to its customers and facilitates them to make the right choice.

When it comes to Digital Multimeters, there are varieties of models available that are required for specific industrial purpose. The company offering is accurate, reliable and the most cost effective in the industry. Digital Multimeters at TEK Instrument are known for their performance and their ability to function in adverse conditions.

Digital Multimeters come in different sizes and they can also be custom made to fulfill specific requirements of certain clients. They serve a spectrum of industries and TEK Instrument has proved its worth at every aspect of Digital Multimeters distribution.

The company believes in updating and upgrading with the changing trends and keeps their clients and customers posted with every explicit detail regarding Digital Multimeters. For any query on Digital Multimeters, you can get in touch with TEK Instrument and give the company an opportunity to serve you better.
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Check Our Collection of Digital Multimeters for Better Efficiency

In keeping with the demand for digital multimeters in virtually all industry sectors, Tek Instrument Company has stocked a wide variety of these multi-purpose instruments. Our product offering includes quality brands with names like Sensocon, Reed Instruments, Kyoritsu and Ashcroft. Below are some of our more popular digital multimeters:

ST-922 Digital Multimeters

Model ST-922 Digital Multimeters

This model is an AC/DC Autoranging Digital Multimeters with Temperature Function. It has 0.5% basic DC accuracy and 4,000 count resolution. It also has the ability to perform diode check and continuity test. It is encased in double molded plastic housing. And it also comes with great accessories like test leads, soft carrying case and 9V battery. Weighing about 1.00 lbs it has been modestly priced at $79.00.

Model ST-9918 Digital Multimeters

Model ST-9918 Digital Multimeters

This model is a True RMS AC/DC digital multimeters with Temperature Function. It provides true RMS measurements and has 4,000 count resolutions. Like the previous model, it also has the ability to perform diode check and continuity test. The whole Digital Multimeters kit includes test leads, K-type temperature probe, and 9V Battery. Weighing about 1.00 lbs it has been modestly priced at $119.00.

Model ST-9933 Digital Multimeters

Model ST-9933 Digital Multimeters

This model is a full-function autoranging digital multimeter with True RMS AC Measurement. Apart from the regular features, it is equipped with safety warning that consist of audible and visual alarms to alert user if test lead connections do not match function selected. This also comes as a kit like the previous two models.

Order your next digital multimeters from TEK Instrument Company, today. TEK Instrument Company is a leading online distributor of Instrumentation, Controls, and Gauges that include digital multimeters among many others.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why Should You Go For Our Digital Multimeters?

Planning to get new digital multimeters and at a loss for where to search for one? Give us a try, we have a broad selection of gauges, instruments and controls.

We, at Tek-inst, have digital multimeters for practically every industry sector ranging from basic troubleshooting to field service measurements. Used earlier only by technical experts, they have today become a handy tool for anyone’s toolbox. We have a broad range of digital multimeters with different levels of performance and features and you can be sure that the products we sell are always of high quality. 
Model ST-9933 Full-Function Autoranging digital multimeters with True RMS AC Measurement

Our digital multimeters are designed to measure more than just voltage and resistance; they can measure a variety of variables including capacitance, current, frequency, and more. Of course the digital version gives more accuracy, easier readability, and better results while gauging measurements. Our products have been successfully used in numerous industries including HVAC, automotive, pharmaceutical, general industrial maintenance, and many others.

Try our extensive offering of digital multimeters, you are sure to find the product that fits your specific application. Our inventory consists of products at different price points and with varying levels of features and functionality. And we also have great shipping options that consist of free and fast delivery.

Contact Our Customer Care for the Best Digital Multimeters Deal
If you need assistance in selecting the right digital multimeter for your application, give us a call or send us an email. Our dedicated team of customer care experts are ready to help with the selection of the digital multimeter that is right for your application at the best price.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Digital Multimeters by TEK Instrument with supreme quality

TEK-Inst has created a niche in the market by giving its customers world class Digital Multimeters.

Digital Multimeters with numerous features

digital multimeter basicsTEK Instrument Company is proud to provide its customers the best selection of high quality Gauges and instruments in the industry. Right from its inception the company has earned a reputation in the world market for offering high quality Digital Multimeters, Infrared Thermometers and Digital Pressure Gauge products along with many other sensing instruments.

Digital multimeters in broad range

When it comes to Digital Multimeters, they are our forte and we offer a wide selection of high quality products. Our Digital Multimeters include numerous features and the product that is perfect for your application is available from TEK Instrument Company. All Digital Multimeters are extensively tested and checked before sending it for delivery. Our quality assurance program ensures that the products sold by TEK Instrument company will meet the high quality standards expected by our customers. digital multimeter for saleAs testing equipment, Digital Multimeters play a vital role in the electrical industry and many others. With the help of digital technology, the device shows accurate and precise readings. We have excellent Digital Multimeters and Infrared Thermometers ready for sale with quick delivery.

Buy Digital Multimeters by giving us a Call

Keeping in mind the urgent requirements of customers, we always make sure orders can be shipped quickly. We understand that time is money and are happy to help with proper selection of the Digital Multimeter that is right for your application. Give us a call and let our experienced staff help you today.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Excellent offerings in Digital Multimeters by TEK Instrument Company

Digital multimeters at affordable prices

TEK Instrument Company offers the finest digital multimeters at affordable prices. They are quality driven and offer the best in the industry.
digital multimeters by tek-inst

We welcome you to the world of TEK Instrument Company where work is driven by passion and products are recognized by quality. We offer digital multimeters that are efficient, reliable, and durable and at the same time cost effective. With the constant efforts of our thorough professionals including engineers, designers, technicians and other staff members, the company has reached a position. We believe in hard work, sincerity and honesty and provide our customers highest quality digital multimeters.

Digital Multimeters Variety

We have a wide range of digital multimeters to choose from. They differ in shapes and sizes, but the performance level is 100 percent in all of them and has the ability to perform in the most sensitive and adverse conditions.
Digital Multimeters offered by our company are unique in their own way and we make sure that the equipments provide the most accurate and authentic testing. Our digital multimeters set the standard for others in terms of features and technology. They are easy to use and ensure safety and reliability. The digital multimeters are always in stock and can be delivered on the same day of order. We have a highly efficient delivery system in place and we don’t let our customers wait. We deliver as and when promised. Join hands with us and allow us to serve you better.

Tek instrument also offers infrared thermometers, Digital Pressure Gauge, diffrential pressure gauges, transmitters, clamp meters,Temperature Calibrators and Simulators, Thermo-Hygrometers and Handheld Digital Anemometers.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Digital Multimeter solutions by TEK Instrument Company

Digital Multimeters
TEK Instrument Company is one of the premier companies offering Digital Multimeters, Infrared Thermometers, Diffrential Pressure Gauges, Digital Pressure Gauge and many more products. The company has established itself in a very short span of time and continues to upgrade their product offering with new and advanced technology. Digital Multimeters offered by TEK Instrument Company are among the most reliable and cost effective digital multimeters available in the industry. The efficiency of TEK instrument's digital multimeters can be tested with their powerful performance. The Digital Multimeters are cost effective as well and can suit the budget of all types of customers. TEK Instrument Company offers a wide range of digital multimeters with different features and functionality. This wide product offering gives our customers the best selection at the most competitive price.

The good Digital Multimeters are very important tool for electrical testing and measurement in a variety of industries. Our Digital Multimeters family uses an LCD display with a high count resolution to provide the most accurate measurement readings. TEK Instrument Company tests all of the Digital Multimeters it sells to ensure they offer top quality both out of the box and for years to come. In addition to our guarantee of high quality and performance we have Digital Multimeters ready for quick shipments. Whether you are looking for a low cost Digital Multimeters or a full function version with all the extras, TEK Instrument Company has the product for you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Digital Multimeters, Infrared Thermometers and Digital Pressure Gauge Instrument Company

Tek Instrument Company is an online distributor of premium Instrumentation, Gauges and Controls.  Our product offering includes Infrared Thermometer, Digital Pressure Gauge, Digital Multimeters, Differential Pressure Gauges, Thermo Hygrometers, Digital Anemometers and many more to customers all over the world.  TEK Instrument is known to provide world class products and has earned a reputation of quality customer service.

Infrared Thermoemeters
TEK Instrument Company has an expert team of engineers and executives working around the clock to serve the customer with their specific applications. The team works extensively evaluating the products we sell to ensure are customers get only the highest quality best performing products.  Our dedication to customer service and quality product offering results in a very high customer retention rate.  TEK Instrument is experienced in meeting the challenges of our customers.  If we don’t have what you are looking for, we will work to find the product or refer you to a company that can meet your requirements.

Tek-inst know that if we can provide assistance in sourcing or referring the customer for hard to find items we will also get their patronage for standard products like Infrared Thermometer, Digital Pressure Gauge, Digital Multimeters, Differential Pressure Gauges, Thermo Hygrometers, Digital Anemometers and more.

Infrared Thermometer offered by TEK Instrument use infrared energy to detect temperatures. Since they are detecting actual energy levels, the physical thermometers does not need to actually touch the surface for an accurate temperature measurement. They don’t even send out any information or infrared rays themselves, they merely detect them from a distance. Non Contact Infrared Thermometers are used to calibrate many heating devices, from furnaces to ovens used for cooking or other industrial applications. Since they can detect temperature differences from a distance they are especially useful for tasks that prevent direct temperature readings to be made.

TEK Instrument offers different models of Infrared Thermometers and can help you select the one best suited for you.

TEK Instrument Company proudly offers Ashcroft Digital Pressure Gauge. Ashcroft is a well known quality manufacturer of Digital Pressure Gauges.  Within the Ashcroft family of Digital Pressure Gauges is a wide range of products with a complete offering of features, accuracies, and sizes to meet any application.  The dedicated professionals from TEK Instrument Company are ready to help you select the right Digital Pressure Gauge to fit your specific needs.

Digital MultimetersDigital Multimeters offered by TEK Instrument Company represent the most efficient and cost effective digital multimeters in the industry.  TEK Instrument Company has an extensive inventory and delivers digital multimeters on time.  Our diverse offering of Digital Multimeters includes quality low cost products to full function true RMS Multimeters packed with features.  The Advanced Digital Multimters offer exceptional performance, numerous features and are priced to reflect our commitment to value.  Like all of the products offered by TEK Instrument Company, the Digital Multimeters have been quality tested.  Whether you need a Digital Multimeter, Infrared Thermometers, Digital Pressure Gauge, or other type of instrument, TEK Instrument Company can meet your need.