Thursday, December 16, 2010

Using Digital Multimeters to Check Light Bulb Functionality At Home

Digital multimeters are great testing tools that can be used by just anyone with a very little guidance. They are just great to test the functionalities of any appliances right at home. Get to know how you can use digital multimeters to check whether a light bulb is in proper working condition.
Model ST-922 AC/DC Autoranging Digital Multimeters with Temperature Function

With these digital multimeters, you do not have to call an electrician to check why an electric bulb is not working in spite of being brand new. All you have to do is use the multimeters to your maximum advantage. However, before going ahead with your test, just remember to switch off the appliance from its power source, in this case the light bulb holder. This is to avoid unwarranted accidents due to direct contact with electric current.

Testing with Digital Multimeters Made Easy:

Now, setting your digital multimeter to resistance would help you to check the ‘continuity’ test function of your system. The next step is to touch the two test probes in the multimeter respectively to touch the bottom of the light bulb, and to the threaded side of the light bulb socket. If the reading shows zero resistance, then there is continuity, and the light bulb is good. On other hand, if it does not indicate continuity then it would mean that the lightbulb interior filament is obviously broken. Hence, there you go!

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